What is Velvet?

Velvet is a marketplace and ecosystem for institutional investors to rapidly evaluate emerging managers at scale through the most sophisticated and current data, analytics, and AI. Velvet offers a curated market of crypto, hedge, venture, and private equity emerging managers raising capital from a diverse basket of LP's.

Browse curated funds

The funds listed on Velvet’s marketplace are all vetted and have been reviewed by our diligence team at our broker-dealer. Paired with multiple AI tools to help evaluate managers, allocators will save time and resources when reviewing funds.

Automate your investment process

Velvet allows allocators to view funds, indicate interest, and commit capital all through the platform. With on-platform communication tools, getting in touch with a manager will be easier than ever.

Always-free tool for allocators

Unlike other fundraising tools, Velvet operates on a success based model. Funds are only charged on what they raise through our platform. Our fees are designed to be flexible with funds to ensure they have the capital required to be successful